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Konecting your business
KonectNetworks was born from the team that brought the first internet service provider (ISP) to NE Wisconsin back in the early 90's. The Konect team is a business services group offering physical hosting/colocation, cloud platform services, custom applications development, business continuity backup/archive, backend infrastructure support for mobile applications, and VPN services, all handled by a fanatical customer support team at your beck and call 24x7x365.
Since 1994, we've been providing some of the biggest brands with custom hosting and colocation platforms for their business needs. Redundancy, load balancing, user shaping, content delivery networks, high availability data base systems, secure e-commerce (PCI) compliant systems, and even those that just need a single, dedicated server for their application.

There is no cookie cutter approach to your hosting solution, and you can rest assured that your installation is protected by the best network and physical security in our private data center.

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The fabric that makes connections, DNS can make or break your network plan when things go wrong. Often forgotten or overlooked, DNS is the crucial business continuity DNA needed to keep the packets moving. Our distributed DNS platform will deliver your data on time, every time.

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The cloud is amazing. It enables collaboration across employees, customers, and throughout your business operations. But where exactly is your data? Who else is on your cloud? Was that cloud configured correctly? What do you do when AWS, etc has an outage?

KonectCloud is a new breed of business cloud services. Think of it as your own cloud. It's yours. Only yours. All your data, for you to share, connect, and operate - all without any user fees. Unlike Dropbox or other providers, KonectCloud is a flat fee platform that encourages you to engage with your team, customers, vendors, and beyond without incurring costly user fees. And it's dedicated to you.

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KonectMail led the enterprise email hosting industry back in 2002 with HostMail, and today KonectMail is back in front with our new enterprise email platform. Much like KonectCloud, KonectMail doesn't have any user fees - you only pay for the email storage on the platform.

Add users and aliases at will. Control all aspects of your email platform without worrying about, well, anything! Deploy powerful tools, integrate calendar support, effortlessly connect mobile email apps, and enjoy 100% uptime and reliability - all backed by a customer support help desk that takes care of all your users without saddling your in-house help desk.

From small startups to massive enterprise organizations, KonectMail has both shared cloud email and dedicated email platforms available which are unbelievably powerful and budget friendly.

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That closet in the back. You know the one, the noisy one with the computer, networking gear and other blinky lights in it. It's hot. It's stuffy and your company cannot run without it. That hot closet is a liability. It kills servers. It's a fire hazard with the heat, dust, and electricity. What happens when the unthinkable happens? What will your business do when there's an issue in that closet?

Solve all those problems with KonectOffice. We'll take your servers into our data center, where they'll be loved, bathed in cool, refreshing air. They'll drink from conditioned power that never fails and enjoy glorious fiber network connections. Your users will connect to your apps and data over secure VPN connections no matter where they are, and backups are always up to date. Best of all, you'll sleep at night knowing your business brain is safe and sound. Get peace of mind today. Get KonectOffice and eliminate the liability of that hot closet.

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Where are your files? With most backup services, you have no idea from whom or where they are contracting their cloud storage. With KonectBackup, your encrypted backup files are securely stored in our own data center right here in NE Wisconsin.

Have a question? Need some help? Your calls are answered by our in-house team who works on-site with the data center. No outsourcing, no random call center and no offshoring to another country. Your files, your support, and your peace of mind all in one place.

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Have an app problem? Konect's team of app developers can solve it - from business intelligence apps to customer facing apps to enterprise apps. KonectAppDev will deploy our proven process into your organization, delivering the precise app solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.

We've deployed apps for the Fortune 500 as well as governments, professional sports teams, consumer brands, and more. They include apps for SAP integration, finance, customer management, sales, consumer needs, entertainment and broadcast, and more. Our apps live on servers, mobile, desktop and integrated systems.

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Sometimes you need an expert. We have lots of them on staff. Warning - we don't do everything, but we do many things. Security, process, creative, technical, engineering, big data, networking, and high availability apps are just some of our specialties.

Bring us your problem, and if we don't have the expert on staff, we can help you find one. Unlike others, we don't say "yes" to everything. That's why we're trusted by our clients.

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