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About Us

About KonectNetworks:
KonectNetworks was born from the team that brought the first internet service provider (ISP) to NE Wisconsin back in the early 90's. The Konect team is a business services group offering physical hosting/colocation, cloud platform services, custom applications development, business continuity backup/archive, backend infrastructure support for mobile applications, and VPN services, all handled by a fanatical customer support team at your beck and call 24x7x365.

About Konect:
Founded in 1995, just as the Internet as we know it was emerging as a viable form of marketing and communication, Konect (formerly DMI Studios) was one of the first Interactive Agencies in the state.

Konect specializes in the development of Internet-based solutions. For many of our clients, this means a website with Content Management Tools (CMT) that allow a non-technical user to maintain the site on their own. For others, it means Technical Applications that streamline business processes. For still others, it means Online Marketing Campaigns to drive traffic to their site. Often, it is a combination of several of these things. One thing holds true, whether Konect is working with a Fortune 100 company or a local, start-up business, we customize our solutions to their needs and their budget. Konect will never try to cram a client into a solution that is not a perfect fit.