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Apps come in all shapes and sizes. Most people think of their mobile phone when they hear the word, “app”. However, we’re talking about more than just mobile apps, we’re talking about apps that move the needle for your business. Apps that engage customers with insight. Apps that unblock cash flow. Apps that empower collaboration. Apps that move power to the hands of your customers. Apps that help your departments work without friction. 

The app development process begins with a problem. A pain point. A need. A request. Sometimes it's from the IT department, overloaded and needing help to delivery solutions to their internal customers. Perhaps it's a customer facing team, or a small business CEO who wants to take on the big guy. No matter where it originates from, it comes from the question, “what if….?” 

Usually it's the tip of the iceberg and Konect’s app dev team dives in, investigates the opportunity, talks to the stakeholders, and delves into the mind of the organization to understand impacts, needs, restraints, regulations - all aspects of the project. Out of this the solution is born.

We’ve done successful solutions for companies who live in the Fortune 500, and we’ve done apps for a small manufacturing business. Size doesn’t matter - only results matter.