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Email is the killer app.  And KonectMail is the killer solution. We’re no Johny-come-lately to email hosting. We worked with Sun Microsystems back in the late 90’s to develop one of the first enterprise email hosting platforms. And today we’re still innovating with state of the art email hosting solutions. Now most hosting companies include email with their web hosting. Its an inclusion, an afterthought. And it's lacking any real features. Not KonectMail. With KonectMail you get enterprise class email chock full of features and services, all backed by a team of dedicated email customer support staff. 

Yes. You read that right. We don’t charge for users. Or email boxes. Or aliases. Some might call this "unlimited users," but we call it smart. We only charge you for the disk space you use and the network resources used. How does this work? Its simple - imagine a small business with 12 employees. KonectMail starts at $9.95 month and includes 25GB of disk space. No matter how many email addresses are used - the price is the same. As mailboxes grow in size, once there is more than 25GB of storage, we’ll bill you storage overages at $.50/GB. Unlike other platforms who charge by the user, KonectMail encourages you to add users, aliases, and grow your business all while controlling costs. 

It's amazing to us, but with other email providers when you hit your disk quota, they stop delivering your email to you. They reject your emails back to the sender with a "mailbox full" error. This is unprofessional and embarrassing, and you can rest assured that your important emails will always get to you. KonectMail doesn’t have disk quotas, or any sort of quotas for that matter. We want your email to function all the time, without interruption, and we don’t want to force you to have to “purge” your mail. You need your mail securely stored, ready to be searched or accessed as needed. 

Desktop, mobile, web - KonectMail lets you access your mail across any device at any time. 

Anti-spam, anti-virus, phishing attack defense and more, all handled on the KonectMail platform before any threat can reach your network. Emails are backed up 24x7 and additional archive features are available. 

Enteprise customers love controlling costs with Konect’s Dedicated Email platforms. Built to scale, dedicated platforms "haul the mail" through high load times and are all maintained 24x7x365. Your workers are supported by our help desk, with a secondary or primary level of support.