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Hosting/Co Lo

Let's be serious. Hosting is a commodity service. You can find any number of hosting companies who will race to the bottom in pricing. Sadly, their customer support services are also a commodity, and every day we have new customers bring their websites to our data center in a new race - a race to get quality hosting services. One thing is for sure - your business isn’t a commodity. It's your business. With Konect you aren’t a number. And we’re not a call center somewhere offshore. 

Konect’s hosting comes in many flavors. At any time you aren’t sure whats right for you, you can easily ask us a question on the live chat (lower right), or give us a call where a real person answers the phone. Sales, technical support, and account support are only a query away. 

Shared Web Hosting - the most common type of hosting that we offer. Shared hosting is a cloud hosting solution, which is great for SMB’s looking for a value hosting platform without sacrificing support and features. Our shared hosting starts at $9.95/month and comes with 1,000MB of disk and 25GB of transfer. 

Dedicated Web Hosting  - perfect for growing businesses who require beefy applications, disk space, and security. In order to facilitate growth and flexibility, our dedicated servers start at only $99/month, and depending on your disk, processor, and web applications, we offer a series of fantastic platforms for every need.  With KonectHosting, we can build load balanced solutions, VPN interconnects, and scaled platforms to handle on-demand resource needs. From http to data base apps to portals, Konect’s dedicated server solutions are geared for enterprise success. 

Colocation - Konect’s colocation services are tailored to each customer’s needs. While colocation starts with a single rack unit, most colocation installations are multi-U instances with additional networking gear. Konect’s team of network engineers will work with your team to craft the perfect colo solution. We can even provision dedicated fiber backbone circuits as needed. Colocation costs can be as low as $79/month per rack unit, and whole racks are also available.