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That closet in the back. You know the one - the noisy one with the computers, networking gear and other blinky lights in it. It's hot. It's stuffy, and your company cannot run without it. That hot closet is a liability. It kills servers. It's a fire hazard with the heat, dust, and electricity. What happens when the unthinkable happens? What will your business do when there's an issue in that closet? 

Solve all those problems with KonectOffice. We'll take your servers into our data center, where they'll be loved - bathed in cool, refreshing air. They'll drink from air conditioned power that never fails, and enjoy glorious fiber network connections. Your users will connect to your apps and data over secure VPN connections no matter where they are, and backups are always up to date. Best of all, you'll sleep at night knowing your business brain is safe and sound. Get peace of mind today. Get KonectOffice and eliminate the liability of that hot closet.